We have collected well-known WOD trainings

There are different types of Crossfit workouts, some must be done in the gym because it requires special equipment, while others do not require any special equipment and can be done right at home. There are also options for speed complexes in which you need to do the maximum number of repetitions of one exercise in a small period of time. When choosing a CrossFit workout, you should first of all focus on what you yourself like, because the more you like it, the better you do it. It will also help you understand if you like CrossFit and if this type of training suits you.

Complexes for home

For these complexes, you do not need a barbell, dumbbells, ropes and other sports equipment. A horizontal bar and a timer are all you need to test your strength in these WODs.


Complete as many circuits as you can in 20 minutes. One circle consists of:

  • 5 pull-ups;
  • 10 pushups;
  • 15 squats.

If you can complete 15-20 rounds, you are in good physical condition. Advanced athletes do complete up to 30 rounds, while elite CrossFitters complete more than 35.


This is an advanced version of “Cindy”, which increases the complexity of the movements. if the previous CrossFit complexes seemed too simple or childish to you, then you should try this one

AMRAP in 20 minutes:

  • 5 handstand push-ups;
  • 10 “pistols”;
  • 15 pull ups.

Beginners with good training will be able to complete 5-9 rounds, advanced sportsmen – 9-12, first class competitors – 12-15 or more.

Tabata (Tabata Something Else)

In this complex, you do each exercise for 20 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds. In 20 seconds, you need to complete as many repetitions as possible. There are four simple exercises in total:

  • push-up;
  • pull-up;
  • body lifting;
  • squat.

You must do at least 8 rounds of each exercise, i.e. 32 repetitions of 20 seconds. Then count how many repetitions you could do. If the number is more than 300 times, then you just have an excellent preparation, if closer to 500 then you may definitely participate in CrossFit competitions.


There is no particular variety of movements in this CrossFit complex, but this does not make it easier. You need to perform 30 barbell pushes for a while. Men do an exercise with a barbell weighing 60 kilograms, women – 42.5 kilograms. If you may finish in 5.5-8 minutes, your preparation is impressive. Advanced athletes complete the complex in 2.5-5.5 minutes, elite CrossFitters can finish before 2 minutes.


This complex must be completed as soon as possible:

  • 100 pull-ups;
  • 100 pushups;
  • 100 body lifts;
  • 100 squats.

If you can do all this in half an hour, good, you are in a very good shape. If you manage to do it in 15 minutes or less, you are just a machine, it’s time to compete.

Be careful when exercising

Working to the limit is by definition associated with a high risk of injury, which is especially true for beginner CrossFit practitioners, for whom the growing working weights and volumes of work are the first indicator of progress. A reasonable approach to compiling training programs involves stepwise scaling of loads, which beginners neglect, thereby increasing the injury risk of training and minimizing their effectiveness. To achieve best return, first time should be concentrated on the technical side of the issue.