How to make work out pleasurable?

CrossFit has long been a part of sport, where everyone can try training. Classes not only pump all muscle groups, but also make the body stronger and more resilient. If you have been wanting to try a new direction for a long time, but think that CrossFit is for iron people who flip tires for hours and train with a rope, this is not so. Anyone can start, the main thing is to load yourself gradually. It is important to choose the right club and professional sports coach.

Why You Should Do CrossFit

  • shock traiтing quickly bring the body into shape;
  • achievement of the set results and the desire to raise the bar;
  • a wide variety of exercises and boring workouts;
  • competitive and team spirit between group members;
  • free and relaxed atmosphere.

Common mistakes newbies make in CrossFit

Impact sport is good, but you need to gradually get involved in the CrossFit training process. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury or overtraining when the muscles recover and hurt for more than four days. Many hardly experience pain: this can discourage the initial interest in sport training. Always listen to the trainer and work in the middle intensity zone of 75-85%. The first two weeks of training are better not to finish than to overload.

Achieving results quickly is a great incentive and motivation to attend CrossFit

training regularly. But be careful: not always a lot is good. Increase the weight on the shells evenly and gradually. Often, with incorrectly calculated forces and selected weight, a technical violation of movement occurs, which can adversely affect health. Violation of sport technique is the risk of getting micro- or macro-injuries.

A wide range of CrossFit exercises is a comprehensive and balanced development. But do not try to grab everything at once, start with easier options for the exercise and, as you master them, complicate your workouts. For example, before doing exits on the crossbar, learn to pull yourself up and do push-ups strictly in an emphasis, in a power manner. Then master kipping pull-ups, do a few lead-up exercises to transition from the hanging position to the support position on the bar. Then you can practice exits, but for starters – with the help of rubber.
If everything works out and there are no difficulties, remove the rubber and start exercising on the crossbar. Unfortunately, many CrossFit beginners skip the whole preparatory path that leads to the correct and stable performance of the exercise. Having not learned how to do one element, the beginner moves on to another: in the end, nothing works out, and the athlete quits training.

What makes CrossFit unique?

CrossFit is the only type of sport where there is a competitive moment in every workout. This helps to stand out adrenaline, emotions, excitement. But the mistakes of beginners are in a quick start. They want to catch up with more trained athletes, overdo it, and at the end of the session they do not enjoy, but almost survive. It is important to find your own rhythm for performing the sport complex, even if it is lower than that of others. But you will go through the whole complex steadily and at the same pace, and if you have strength left, you will push at the finish line. The main rival is yourself, try to gradually improve the results.