This question bothers a lot of crossfitters

The Crossfit Strength Bias (CFBS) system was originally born from this inquiry. In this system, sportsmen performed a basic power exercise followed by a CrossFit WOD. Nowadays, most programs follow this method a few times a week.
We are sure you’ll be hard-pressed to find among popular CrossFit schemes that don’t build power in this way. In schemes such as MisFit, CompTrain and Invictus, this workout is present at least 4 times a week. Here they clearly prioritize. But what about you? Our text can give you a look at advantages and disadvantages of extra power workout to CrossFit scheme.

Should CrossFitters strength train?

As with most questions related to physical fitness, when answering this question, following factors should be considered.

What is your goal?

If your goal in CrossFit is to keep fit, enjoy attending workouts, and just do physical activity regularly, then you probably don’t need a supplementary power workout. But if your goal is to build muscle, increase 1-rep maxes on exercises like squat, clean-up, bench press, then you need some extra power training.

What exercises are used in CrossFit

CrossFit workouts are made up of any exercise. Often, combined exercises are taken from different sports: gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting, kettlebell lifting, swimming, rowing, etc. A variety of stylized actions from competitive games and folk amusements are very popular: tug of war, throwing stones, throwing and turning over heavy objects (large car tires), weight running, etc.
Within one workout, the load is regulated by number of practices and duration of their implementation. During workout process, exercises themselves are often modified to achieve maximum intensity. For example, at first, push-ups are performed in a kneeling position, and when this option becomes easy, they switch to push-ups while lying on straight legs. So any exercise can be complicated almost indefinitely: by adding weights, changing starting positions, including working with a partner, etc.

Basic principles of training

The main rule of any WOD is that in exercises that follow each other, different muscle groups should be involved. The complexes themselves are also not repeated (you cannot perform the same one two days in a row). In this way, the necessary intensity is maintained, which means that the body does not get used to the workout process.
“Core” of crossfit physical activity is combined from 3 kinds of physical activity:

  • basic power from weightlifting (squats, bench presses, snatches, deadlifts) – for development of muscle strength, speed, power;
  • gymnastics with own body weight (push-ups on bars, pull-ups on horizontal bar, lifting the body with the strength of the arms or legs, burpees) – to develop flexibility, better balance, coordination of movements;
  • aerobic (running, swimming, cycling, rowing) – for muscle workout, respiratory, cardiac endurance.
  • The crossfit work scheme can be of another duration – starting with 15 minutes to an hour. Workout begins from a short warm-up, then there is a block with an analysis of the technique of performing physical activity in the desired combination.

Be careful when changing the workout

Perhaps this is most vital part of this text, so pay special attention to it. If you have come to conclusion that adding muscle workout to program is necessary, then you should start gradually.