NoDa Ghosts and Legends Tour

Ever wonder if your house sits on top of an old burial ground in the area? There are quite a few houses that do.

Could you have sworn you've seen ghostly children walking down the street before slowly disappearing in front of your eyes, only to leave a trail of wet footsteps? Maybe they're tied to the numerous, infamous drownings in the old Mercury Pond across from the water tower.

Was the land where the Highland Park Montessori School sits seriously used as a mass burial ground for hundreds of Charlotteans? Is it possible people are still buried there, for real and no playing? Yes and most definitely yes.
Maybe none of the questions or occurrences has ever happened to you. But they've happened to your neighbors. 
The 7th annual NoDa Ghosts and Legends Tour will be on Saturday night, October 21. This year will go through the "southern" part of NoDa, or the area from 36th St to Matheson. The start will be at our old outdoor workout spot, the corner of NoDa and 35th St. Tours will start every 15min from 7-11pm.
We had a great time last year and you can bring a thermos of your favorite beverage to keep you warm.